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Billy Bob’s Car Wash is Cape May County’s only full service car wash. We strive to keep your cars shiny and clean. Billy Bob’s car wash uses recycled water, environmentally friendly cleaners, and green friendly waxes.

Next time you are headed to the beach give your car a treat and give it a good wash with us. Headed home from the beach? Come get all that sand out. Too much salt from the winter roads and dirty cars lead to rusty cars, so keep your vehicle clean and extend it’s life span. Our car care professionals handle your car with care and ensure you leave our car wash satisfied.

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly

Which is better for the environment, washing your car at a commercial car wash or washing it yourself at home? Many peoples will say washing it at home. But that’s the wrong answer!

According to, washing your car at a car wash "is the most environmentally friendly way to have your vehicle washed. Public carwashes are mandated by law to drain water into systems that are treated before being emptied into waterways. Commercial operations also use less water than the typical washing at home because of highly pressurized and targeted water jets."

In The Press
Billy Bob's Car Wash is featured in this report from the evening edition of Action News aired on ABC affiliate WPVI6 in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey area. The report from May 2010 discusses the high pollen counts in the South Jersey area and what allergy sufferers can do to help alleviate symptoms. Visiting Billy Bob's Car Wash & Detail Center is one way in which suffers can find relief.